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Moon Rock Slime

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  • Moon Rocks Metallic Clear Slime

    "One small step for man, one giant leap for slime!" Introducing Moon Rocks, a celestial marvel inspired by the allure of the moon's surface. This mesmerizing metallic silver clear slime captures the lunar essence.

    🌕 Texture: Moon Rocks boasts a coated clear slime enriched with lava rocks, creating a textural delight perfect for ASMR experiences. Feel the lunar-inspired textures without compromising the smoothness of the slime.

    🌟 Scent: Immerse yourself in the celestial aroma blend of Tonka Bean, Cashmere, Sandalwood, and Vanilla, enhancing the sensory journey of Moon Rocks.

    🎮 Play Level: Intermediate - Ideal for enthusiasts seeking an engaging and textured slime encounter, inspired by the moon's enchanting allure.

    ⚠️ Warning: Not suitable for sensitive hands due to the textured elements.

    🎁 Complimentary Care Package: Each Moon Rocks slime order includes a Slime Care Card, Goodie/Candy, and an Activator Pen (10ml) for your convenience.


This item may contains borax, glue, baby oil, glycerin, lotion, instant snow, cosmetic pigments, fragrances, air dry clay, fimo slices.

*Some charms added to the slime may bleed and alter the color of the slime slightly but it won't effect the texture.

**Color of slimes may differ slightly from the picture due to different lighting or different monitor setting.

Shipping & Returns

Please allow 2-3 business days (Mon-Fri) for your order to be processed and shipped.

(Free Shipping promo only shipped with Economy 5-8 days.)

Economy: $8.75 (5-8 days)

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Express: $16.99 (1-2 days)

*Please check our Shipping Policy & Refund Policy for detail information.

Care Instructions

Wash hands before and after each use.

Slime may arrive sticky due to different climates, which can be easily fixed with the activator pen included.

Please check out the Slime Care section for more info.


Do not purchase if you think you are at risk of having an allergic reaction to borax, glue, cornstarch, baby oil, lotion, soap, food coloring, instant snow, cosmetic grade pigments, and/or fragrances/essential oils. Slime is recommended for ages 6 and up. Always keep away from small children! DO NOT EAT SLIME.

crunchy slime
Moon Rock Slime
crunchy slime
crunchy slime
care package

Play Level

  • 🐣 Beginner

    Beginner level slimes are perfect for people who are just starting to learn how to handle slime. They're less sticky, denser and great for warmer hands.

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  • 🐥 Intermediate

    The intermediate level is for people who have a basic understanding of how to make and play with slime, but want to learn more advanced techniques.

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  • 🐤 Advanced

    Advanced slime players are experts in all things slime-related. They know how to play with any type of slimes. They also know how to use activator solution to fix a sticky slime.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

I love the scent of this, if moon rocks had a smell this would be it! The texture for me is a slower stretch but makes amazing pops which I love. The colour is mesmerizing. The only thing is it leaves quite the shimmery residue on the hands, but it washes off completely. I was also impressed that my shipment came in only 2days considering it was shipped to Canada! Will be ordering from this shop again :)).


Absolutely amazing color texture smell…Mythical Mushbunny is one of my favorite shops 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩


It looks like liquid silver in your hands. Stunning

Sookie Slimes
Metallic Beauty/Satisfying Crunch

I just want to say this company is top notch! The Moon Rock slime I purchased was absolutely amazing! Hands down my favorite slime. 🥰 A crunchy metallic beauty and great for bubble pops. Perfect for ASMR.
I will be posting my experience with Moon Rock on my YouTube slime channel soon. @SookieSlimes


Love the texture! The scent is great. It has the perfect amount of lava rocks!