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How to Care for Your Slime

Slime is a worldwide sensation that draws in newbies every day. Whether you love clear slimes or the ones with tactile beads, there's a slime out there for everyone.

The problem is: how do you care for your slime? How do you ensure that you get the most out of that squishy and vibrant goo?

Instead of letting your first slime experience go poorly, keep reading. We'll go through everything you need to know to keep your slime alive for many hours of play!

Air-Tight Container

Slime care begins by making certain you have a good container for your slime. If left out on a table overnight, the delicate slime will start to dry out. It won't be as fun to play with and could even feel strange in your hands.

An air-tight container is the surest way to give your slime the longest life possible.

Place your slime away into its container whenever you're done playing with it. This keeps the balance of chemicals strong and prevents it from drying out or getting dusty.

Shaded Areas

Heat and slime don't mix well. It'll cause the slime to melt and make it far too sticky to handle. This is why you need to place your contained slime in a shaded area once you're done playing.

Make sure it's not near any indoor heat sources. Computers, laptops, and game consoles can also produce enough heat to affect your slime.

A closed drawer is a great place to keep your slime safe until you want to play with it again.

Washed Hands

When you buy slime, you want something tactile, stretchy, and fun to handle. If you want to keep it that way, you'll want to wash your hands before you touch your slime.

Even when it feels clean to us, there are a lot of natural oils clinging to our skin. This type of oil can mess with the chemistry of slime so you should wash your hands to prevent introducing these oils to your slime.

Washing after playing is also a good idea to ensure you get rid of any slime residue. No one wants slime on their food, after all!

Play on Clean Surfaces

Textured slimes are fantastic for enjoying the feeling of beads, pebbles, clay, glitter, and more. However, most people don't enjoy slime filled with crumbs, debris, or dust.

To make sure your slime only contains enjoyable sensations, clean off your surface before you play.

Smooth, non-porous surfaces are the best choice. If you don't have a surface like this available, you can cover the area with parchment paper, wax paper, or a sheet of plastic. Using a plate or a bowl is another great option, and can even add to the portability of your slime. 

Avoid Fabric

Although some people may enjoy slime crafts, it's often best to avoid getting any fabrics too close to your favorite slime. The natural state of most slimes will latch onto the porous surface of fabrics and can be tricky to get off.

It shouldn't ruin the slime, but you might find some sneaky hairs or bits of dirt in the slime afterward.

Even if you're careful, you may drop your slime onto the carpet or get it onto your clothes eventually. In this case, pick up as much of the slime from the fabric as possible.

Then use warm water on the fabric to loosen the slime and wipe it away. Certain slimes may need a bit of white vinegar to completely remove, but most will dissolve without too much fuss.

Fixing Troublesome Slimes

Even with all of these precautions in place, your slime will need a little extra love from time to time. Once a slime begins to feel weird in your hands, don't panic. There are several things you can do to fix these troublesome slimes.


Most slimes have a certain tackiness to them, but they shouldn't be actively sticky. When slime leaves behind residue that's difficult to remove, that's a clear sign it's too sticky.

If the slime sat in the sun too long, place it in the fridge for a little while. Otherwise, add a drop or two of your complementary activator pen and mix the slime.

Go slow when adding the activator. It's a strong substance and a little goes a long way.


The easiest thing to do when you've overactivated your slime is to let the natural reaction run its course. Let it stand inside its container for a while until it's usable again.

Adding some glycerin can speed up this process but make sure you're careful with the amounts. You may need to add more activator to get it stretchy again if you add too much glycerin.


Clear slimes often become cloudy when you play with them since you're introducing friction and air bubbles to the slime. Set it aside and let the slime rest. It should clear up in no time.


If your slime breaks apart instead of stretches, it may still be salvageable.

For a clear slime, add warm water to the slime. For non-clear slimes, knead in some unscented lotion or PVA glue. Keep kneading and adding more of the liquid until your slime stretches and softens again.

One day, these attempts won't work their magic. At that point, it's likely your poor slime can't be revived to its original state. All slimes will one day break down, but there are always other magical slimes waiting for you!

Care for Your Slime the Right Way

Knowing how to care for your slime means you'll get hours and hours of play from it. No longer will you need to worry about replacing your favorite slime. You'll know how to fix it yourself.

At Mythical Mushbunny Slimes, we're happy to be your supplier for all things slime. Whenever you need to purchase slime activators, containers, or a unique slime, we're here to help.

We love experimenting with different textures and colors, so make sure to check out our slime collection with over 50 types to choose from!

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