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Mystery Slime
Debra Jones
Mystery Slime

I was pleasantly surprised that my Mystery Slime has turned out to be one of my favorites. I was sent Laundry Day which is a new texture that I love. I also love that your Slimes and your Shop is very adult friendly!! You can tell lots of thought is put into each and every slime produced. Thank you for being you!!

Best slimes ever

Really impressed by this bundle! More Pokémon and video game inspired slimes, pls!

I love that it glows in the dark ! I love textured slimes that’s why I got this one ! I

I love this texture so fun to stretch and the pops are glorious! The scent is nice and sweet

Just got the base and the base was little more runny but it wasn’t a problem. The smell was magnificent. I think that with the clay add in it would have been outstanding.

Another marvelous slime by mystical mush bunny. They just don’t disappoint. The smell was great and the texture exceptionally well done. I will say I can’t wait to buy more of this texture in the future from them.

The smell was very accurate to boba and enjoyed it a lot. The base was very pretty it kind of gave like a chrome brown effect. Once again it was a wonderful slime. I would say it’s a little more sticky once warmed up and definitely better to play on a table once mixed in with the cream but still had great bubble pops, fun to poke and stretch. I loved the cute charms it came with and the cute boba tea fimos too.

Great bingsu slime! The smell is amazing too. overall fun to stretch and squeeze for the crackle sounds.

Chubby Bunny Slime

This slime had a different texture than the normal thick and glossy which was magnificent. It was jiggly, chewy and the bubble pops were very crackly. Very fun to play with!

This is my new favorite slime. It’s magnificent! The slime isn’t tacky or sticky but soft and very holdable. The bubble pops are just wonderful with this slime. Before mixing in the yellow 2oz yellow slime the smell is very accurate to honey and the white base is a pleasant cream smell. Really loved this slime and I’m glad I snagged it up.

Fire Type | Java Chips Slime

Low Tide

The smells!! You guys have the smell perfected. It ties in the whole sensory experience of soft gritty goodness and smooth feels. Love it! Thanks Mushbunny!

Mythical Mushbunny never fails to impress and I Love Lamp is no exception! This is my favorite bingsu so far! I love the color and feel of this stuff! The scent reminds me of the Juice Bar Cotton Candy perfume I wore as a kid! Bonus points for unexpected nostalgia!

Bun Bun's Bum Bum Cream

This one is my new favorite! It's my first wood glue texture slime and feels amazing! The scent of this one is to die for! I have played with this on the daily and have a difficult time putting it down. Highly recommend getting your hands on this slime!

Mushbunny Moon Landing is so pretty and was so much fun to mix together. This slime is gorgeous before mixing and is a fabulous beginner slime that is easy for anyone to play with without making a big mess, even if you are not an experienced "slimer".

Stained Glass Slime

Outstanding texture and scent. No bingsu fallout, yet amazingly unsticky! Get ready for the best bubble pops and asmr!

Anubis Slime

Love the gorgeous color of this shimmering slime! The smell is fantastic. It reminds me of a candle that I used to have.

Such a unique and pleasant texture and great scent! This slime is a 10/10. I love it!

This slime was superb! The charm was adorable and the coolest thing is that the pokéball charm is that it opens up and comes with little stickers of different Pokémon and like a tiny clear pokemon charm inside. this little detail is so cool! My kid went feral for opening all of them. For the slime itself it was better to play with on the table instead of in the hands. Lastly, The smell was very earthy which was excellent.

Great for when your slimes inflate

This thick and glossy slime really exceeded my expectations!! I ordered two, one with clay and one just the base itself. With the clay or without it was outstanding. I was scared to mix in the clay as I usually don’t like clay add ins because I dislike how sometimes clay can alter the slimes. Surprisingly I loved adding the clay bar into this slime. It was super soft and mixing it into the slime just enhanced the texture overall keeping it soft, fluffy and stretchy. The smell I have to say was different in a good way because I enjoyed it a lot. If I had to describe it I would say it smells manly. Overall great slime and I’m extremely happy with it.

Shark Mochi DIY Clay Slime
Jeffrey Weisberg

First time slimer, and I absolutely love it! All the slimes were absolutely perfect. Highly recommend Shark Mochi!!

Grass Type

This is my new favorite slime, absolutely addicting to play with. It's definitely a table play slime as it's very runny, but it's not tacky at all. It's very jiggly and makes great bubble pops and crackles. The scent is super nice and unique, like a fresh rainforest filled with lush plants. Not to mention, the Bulbasaur charms are adorable!

Magical ✨

Love this slime. Amazing iridescent pigment, asmr texture and unique mystical scent. One of my all time favorites

Amazing scent and texture

I bought the 6 oz version without the clay. The thick and glossy mixed with clear creates a thick, chewy, jiggly texture that is so fun to squish and pop! The scent is deliciously fruity. I actually with the scent strength was a bit stronger because I enjoy it so much.