Slime Care

Slime Care and Tips: Ensure a Mess-Free and Enjoyable Experience

Discover essential care and tips for beginners when it comes to slime play. Assist your child with these steps to ensure a mess-free and non-sticky experience!

💙 Always wash your hands before and after touching slime to prevent residue on dirty hands.

💙 Start with poking your slime with one finger to check its stickiness.

💙 Slime can become sticky due to transit heat or breaking down over time. Use our pre-made activator pen (included with your order) to fix this. Refer to the slime care card or contact us for support.

💙 Play with slime on a clean table and avoid carpet. If slime accidentally gets on the carpet, safely remove it with hot water or vinegar. 

💙 Handle slime quickly to prevent it from sticking to your hands.

💙 If non-clear slime become too stiff, add unscented lotion gradually to restore its stretchiness.

💙 If clear slime become breakable or overactivated, add glycerin and knead it until it becomes playable again.

💙 Let your creativity flow and have fun! There are no rules when it comes to playing with slime. 

WARNING: Slimes are not edible. Keep it away from clothes, small children, pets, furniture, and sensitive skin. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, and nose.

Adult supervision is required for children under 7. Do not use if you are at risk of an allergic reaction to borax, fragrance oil, glue, food coloring, shaving cream, snow powder, clay, or essential oils.

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So sparkly and gives great crunches and pops. Highly recommend

Excellent slime. Amazing texture scent & color. Fantastic ASMR

The scent on this is AMAZING, I couldn’t believe how similar it smells to actual boba. It’s a slower stretch (could be because it got super cold in shipment) but inflates super nice, it’s a bit sticky but is easily fixed with some activator on the hands.

I love the scent of this, if moon rocks had a smell this would be it! The texture for me is a slower stretch but makes amazing pops which I love. The colour is mesmerizing. The only thing is it leaves quite the shimmery residue on the hands, but it washes off completely. I was also impressed that my shipment came in only 2days considering it was shipped to Canada! Will be ordering from this shop again :)).

Love it!

One of the best thick and glossy slimes I've ever had!

My fav slushee bead!

I absolutely love this slime it's clear with a pigment shift and it's so wonderful. It has a cologne smell that is soo good! And the eyeballs are funny love this slime 10/10.

Moon Rock Slime

Absolutely amazing color texture smell…Mythical Mushbunny is one of my favorite shops 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Get this slime!!

Absolutely obsessed with this slime. Everything about it is perfect. It makes amazing pops and it's so thick and beautiful

MMB never disappoints with their smell and texture. This one’s no exception :)


To be fair, I’ve never had a jelly slime before. But I have had many slimes including many crunch bombs and this one is delightful. Smells amazing, like great soap, and makes great bubbles pops. The beads are very soft, so if you prefer something abrasive this won’t be for you.

Its Sweater Weather 🍂☕️🪵

#90’s Slime
Jasmine Wenner

Super slime. Fun shaped crunch beads and great not sticky base. Love everything about this.

the skull was pink and a lot smaller but other than that great slime


Love the smell of this so much! I think the base is one of my favorite slimes ever. I wasn’t a total fan of how the slime and clay felt together, so I bought more than one because the base is so amazing :) It smells exactly as described.

Amazing texture and smell

I absolutely love the slimes I ordered! They have an incredible texture, they both smell great (something I’m generally pretty picky about), and they make great pops! Definitely glad I checked this shop out! I have a feeling I’ll be back!

this slime is so insanely good! the texture is amazing. one of my all-time favourites 🩵🤎

Route Package Protection

Fight Club Slime

I bought this because of Arbitrary Canary and she is right, this is the best TnG. I didn't mix the clay piece in until today because the base is SO GOOD but somehow it got even better! Such a beautiful slay slime!!

Kainani Slime

Beautiful shimmer and great feeling in your hands

Moon Rock Slime

It looks like liquid silver in your hands. Stunning

Supernova Slime

The slime even looks better in real live. Just stunning look and quality and great for bubble pops

Love how the glitter flakes in this slime looks and the slime is top tier

Sunstone Slime

Beautiful shine

Meteorite Slime

Great sounds love how it looks in real live

Nebula Slime
Sarah D.

A M A Z I N G ✨️