how to choose the perfect slime

How to Choose the Perfect Slime for Your Sensory Delight

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Welcome to the fascinating world of slime, a gooey and stretchy substance that captivates both children and adults. But did you know that slime comes in a variety of textures and properties? In this blog post, we will embark on a journey to understand the sensory preferences of different slime types. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced slime enthusiast, get ready to explore the diverse world of slime textures and find the perfect match for your sensory delight.

Types of Slime

Level 1: Beginner Slime - Cloudy Fluff and Delight

Cloud, cloud dough, cloud cream, or icee slimes are considered beginner slimes because they don't stick to your hands or surfaces. This type of slime is usually mixed with Insta-Snow Powder or air clay to give it its unique fluffy, cloud texture.

Cloudy Day texture

Level 2: Intermediate Slime - From Buttery to Fluffy 

Intermediate slimes are for people who have a little bit of experience with slime. They are typically made with borax and glue but can also include other ingredients like contact solution, liquid starch, and shaving cream.

These types of slimes are considered to be more challenging than beginner slimes. They require a lot more patience and attention to detail in order to get the desired consistency. Some common intermediate slimes include: Butter or Snow Fizz slime, Fluffy Slime, Lava Slime, Magnetic Slime. These types of slimes have a sizzly, inflatable, buttery, and slightly crunchy texture.

Snow fizz slime


Level 3: Advanced Slime - The Sticky World of Clear/Jelly Delights

Clear, Jelly, or Jelly cube slimes tend to be a bit challenging to handle because these types of slimes have less structure and tend to be sticky on your hands and surfaces. These slimes are great for bubble pops. If it gets sticky, just use the activator pen to properly revive it and make it playable again.


Congratulations! You've now gained insights into the diverse textures and properties of different slime types. From the fluffy clouds of beginner slimes to the sizzly excitement of intermediate ones, and the sticky yet fascinating world of advanced slimes, there's a perfect slime match for everyone's sensory delight. So go ahead, experiment with different slimes, and immerse yourself in the captivating and squishy world of sensory exploration.

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